Q: What exactly does Design and Build means?


A: Whether you want to extend your house or a complete rebuild, Design and Build means that one company handles your home design and building needs. It is our team that helps you develop your wish list and ideas, convert them to sketches, develop working drawings and create construction documents that are used to build your dream home. Our in-house construction team then turns the idea into reality by providing highly supervised project management of your project to ensure the highest level of quality, continuous monitoring of schedule and ensuring your satisfaction.


For this to happen, your budget must be discussed upfront so that our design and construction cost reflect the agreed budget. If our design starts to veer off of your construction budget, we can adjust the design or the material used to stay on track without compromising the aesthetic value. Any changes that you decide to make during the design process may affect:


-          Design costs

-          Design time

-          Construction costs

-          Construction time


Because we build our own designs, we know how much does the thing cost. So as changes are made, you have a realistic and honest sense of what the project will cost.


Q: What are the advantages of Design & Build?


A: There are a lot of advantages in engaging Design & Build company:

  • The builder is also the designer which makes it easier for the site people to fully understand the design.
  • Shorter design time due to our team is familiar to all the details of our design and material prices are checked right away.
  • Clients have more control on their budget because budgets are pre determined even on the earliest stage of designing any planning.
  • We provide a full design from conceptual to detailed drawings with no obligation.
  • Our clients are able to focus more on the details of the drawings rather than the cost.
  • As a Builder, we are more focused with the project that makes us fully understand all the key elements that are required.
  • Any complications are pre determined during the design stage.
  • Designers and Builders work together where complication within the construction stage are resolved immediately without any conflicts.
  • Provides a comprehensive service which includes structural works, architectural works, M&E works, interior design, and even landscape design.


Q: How to begin with?


A: Call us at telephone no. 6458 0050 to schedule a one hour appointment in your home or in our office. We will discuss your ideas and see the physical space that you have to work with. You can also bring your floor plan layout and visit us in our office showroom at 10 Jalan Kuras, Singapore 577726 for a discussion.


Budget review - What do you expect to spend for the work that you want to accomplished? We will review the scope of work, compare it to your budget and give you our feedback. It benefits no one to agree to an unrealistic budget so you'll get our honest opinion.


Design with no obligation - We are more than happy to provide you a conceptualized design comprising of concept plans and realistic 3D rendered view of the facade based on your requirements. We even provide revisions on the design in case you have additional inputs until you are fully satisfied with the design. All of these are at no cost.


Once you are satisfied with our design, we'll check the construction budget again. If the design meets your budget, we'll proceed with the next step of design drawings and schedule a start date of construction together with the signing of our contract. If the budget is off course, we modify the design to best meet the budget.


Upon signing our contract, we will immediately start working on the architectural and structural drawings to be submitted to all relevant authorities. This will take an average of 2-3 months before obtaining the permit to commence work.


Q: Will the design of my project suffers by Design & Build?


A: Not in the least. Our staffs have not only years of experience but also an extensive amount of field experience and first-hand practical knowledge. This comes in handy by having seen and built countless design ideas originating from many different design sources. Experience benefits our client that our designs are “buildable” and not just a concept. They do meet and do not exceed building regulation requirements.


All our employees participate in continuous learning process and regularly attend trade seminars to stay up to date on all of the latest industry development. We also provide realistic 3D rendering of architectural building facade design. Through this, we assure that what you see is what you get and gives you a peace of mind knowing that your dream house is obtained.


Q: Can I engage Davoe Creative for design works only?


A: Yes. We can provide you a design consultancy service which includes:


Property consultancy – We act as a property consultant to our client, providing them useful information on how to uplift the market value of their property with less expenditure. We also provide consultancy regarding regulations, authorities’ requirements, and construction budget.


Procurement and submissions – In relation to property consultancy, our service includes procurement of important documents such as architectural and structural drawings, SIP (Sewer Interpretation Plan), DIP (Drainage Interpretation Plan), RLP (Road Line Plan) and other important documents that are vital to the project. We also provide all the necessary submissions needed prior to authorities requirements.


Space planning - With the help of our team of experienced Designers, we are able to provide our clients with the best layout solution that meets all of their requirements.


Q: Can I engage Davoe Creative for construction works only?


A: Yes. We can provide you a builder’s service. Our experiences and skills combined with our client-friendly systems and procedure ensure control over cost, quality, schedule, scope and safety for our various projects. Our construction team is trained in various disciplines to take on challenging technical projects. Empowered to work from project launch to final delivery, exceeding expectations.           We also commits to on-site safety and quality in accordance with international standards. We remain flexible to custom-fit our services to the requirements of each individual project. We are structured to mobilize a team of qualified experts to work on the projects with focus.


Construction Management


Master planning - In all the work we do, we emphasize long-range master planning, so your designs works now and in the future. If a project is to be built in several phases, we plan and organize carefully in the initial stages, so the work can proceed smoothly from one construction phase to the next.


On-time scheduling - We control the flow of our projects, so that we can provide you with the specialized attention you deserve. We are very proud that our projects are completed on time.


On-site construction supervision - We serve as your on-site advocate and provide direct supervision of our Contractors to ensure that work proceeds in accordance with your intended scope, schedule and budget. This precludes the need for your involvement in routine matters of contractor supervision.


Budget control - Our experience in contracting and construction gives us detailed knowledge of all cost considerations. We have the ability to work within a wide range of budgets. Because we design with your budget in mind and oversee all phases, we keep on track with your budget as the project moves from one phase to the next.


Quality control - Our expertise and experiences allows us to provide quality control procedures throughout the entirety of the building process that ensures the highest levels of construction practices.


Personal attention - We communicate closely with our clients and return all calls and messages promptly. As part of our pleasure in the work we do, is taking the time to work collaboratively with our clients and paying personal attention to your needs, desires, time frame and budget.


Q: What warranty do I get after the works are done?


A: Once a client always a client, we will do our best service to our clients on following up to anything that have regards to the project. We offer a standard one year defect liability period to all our projects and specific warranties given by manufacturers and specialists.


Q: Can I approach Davoe Creative for an estimate design and construction cost even before I purchase a property?


A: Yes. Davoe Creative has a team of professionals more than happy to assess the property you intend to purchase.


Q: Do I need to give our existing layout plans to Davoe Creative for design?


A: Best if you bring along your existing layout plan during our discussion. It also helps a lot on the initial stage of designing. Need not to worry if you don't have one. Our team of designers can visit your place to do a site measurement or we can purchase the existing drawings from the relevant authorities.


Q: What type of design and style Davoe Creative always do?


A: We, Davoe Creative is very specialized in residential projects of any design and style you desire.

One of our specialties is Balinese and Resort style of design. But designing with Tropical Resort and Balinese style doesn't mean going vernacular. We are able to infuse modern design with Tropical and Balinese style. Though some design company has already done this, we believe that we still have the edge in terms of Tropical Resort and Balinese design. Because unlike other typical designers, we are offering a comprehensive package in order to achieve a true Tropical Resort and Balinese style. When we say comprehensive meaning not just Design and Build, but also including the landscape, water features, and Biological Koi ponds which we believe are among the important elements in the design in order to achieve a true Tropical Resort and Balinese style.

But what is the reason to go Tropical Resort and Balinese style? First we need to know what are the characteristic of a Tropical Resort and Balinese architecture.


Design wise, Tropical Resort and Balinese style basically uses the same construction materials, although nowadays almost all houses are made of bricks and concrete which is practically more stronger and durable, Tropical Resort and Balinese style still uses solid woods and natural stones. Although not mainly for the foundation, these materials are being use for aesthetic purpose of the house which actually blends well with bricks and concrete when designed properly. While the straw roof is replaced with a more durable clay tile roof, the roof form still retains.


Basically Tropical Resort and Balinese architecture doesn't differ that much to each other in terms of design, function and layout, since Balinese architecture is also consider as a Tropical architecture for it is originated in Bali Indonesia which is considered as a tropical country. We just categorize Tropical Resort style as a house with a resort-like ambiance, while the Balinese style is more on the characteristic of the house which resembles a Bali house. But either ways, both styles share the same concept, which is natural lighting and passive cooling. Through natural lighting, we are able to allow natural light (sunlight) to pass through on almost all of the spaces inside the house. This concept helps a lot in reducing the usage of electricity during the day. One good example is the use of skylights and air well mostly on the inner part of the house where natural light aren't able to reach. While Passive cooling  is a concept of allowing cool air to enter inside the house and push the hot air outside either on the other opening or in a ventilated air well.


Another good concept for Tropical and Balinese style is the use of plants inside the house (indoor garden) together with a water feature. This is usually done aligned with an air well with skylight, where natural light from the sun can enter and shine on the plants in order for them to survive indoor. The luxury of having an indoor garden with water feature not just helps the interior environment of the house relaxing but also, helps to freshen and maintain the coolness of the air inside the house. All in all, this is what we think every house should possess so you can enjoy life more inside your home.


We are also specialized in contemporary or modern design. One good thing about our team is that we practice continuous learning process and keeps our mind up-to-date with the latest trend in architectural design. Though contemporary architecture or modern architecture is a broad term, we focus our design more on minimalism or minimalist architecture. The design are kept simple, clean and yet outstanding. In order to make a simple and clean design stands out is that we make one portion of the house as a feature (eg. feature wall). It is like breaking the monotony. This is one of our styles in creating a simple and clean design that stands out.


Sometimes we explore on infusing tropical design with contemporary design. Whether contemporary or tropical, or fusion of both, design is the least you need to worry about because we will provide you whatever your dream house requires.


Q: What makes Davoe Creative different from other Design and Build company?


A:   As an ISO14001 certified company that is environmental conscious, we practices “Green Architecture” in most of our project. Applying natural cross ventilation, using heat reducing material such as green walls and roof garden, and utilizing energy-efficient fixtures are just some of the eco-friendly solution incorporated in our design, building a sustainable architecture.


Q: What is sustainable architecture or Green Architecture?


A: Sustainable architecture or “Green Architecture” is a general term that describes environmentally conscious design techniques in the field of architecture.


Sustainable architecture seeks to minimize the negative environmental impact of buildings by enhancing efficiency and moderation in the use of materials, energy and development space. The idea of sustainability or ecological design is to ensure that our actions and decisions today do not inhibit the opportunities of future generations. The term can be used to describe an energy and ecologically conscious approach to the design of the built environment. Energy efficiency is the main key of a sustainable architecture. The use of energy saving equipment, appliances and fixtures helps a lot in providing an energy efficient design. Design wise, providing cross ventilation, bigger opening and creating skylights and airwells are few basic components for an energy- efficient design.


Aside from energy efficient design, a house can also incorporate a renewable energy design as a sustainable architecture. A simple way is through the use of solar panels like solar water heater.


Materials use also plays a great role in obtaining a sustainable design. Nowadays more and more building materials are being recognized with “green mark” in which materials that have less negative impact to the environment and to our health. Using recycled materials also helps in building a sustainable building such as recycling reclaimed construction lumber from previous project to new projects.


Q: Is there any works that Design and Build do not include?


A: Basically most of all the necessary requirements a house needs are included in our scope of works.

From conceptualization & design stage, submission to authorities, structural works (includes foundation and the structural frame of the building), the architectural works (comprise of masonry works, electrical, plumbing, finishes and etc.) and up to the Interior Design (comprise of carpentry works). We even include landscaping design and works which usually incorporates water feature design and even ponds (Koi pond in particular) if the client requires it. For most of our prestigious design, we also proposed a swimming pool and a lift which is included in our package.


Certain items we normally don't include are the fixtures (either toilets & lighting fixtures), appliances, and furnishings (loose furniture like sofas and tables) because all of these varies greatly in prices depending on the quality and brands that our client prefer. However, we put a budgetary cost for all of these so that you are able to calculate your budget.


Q: Is my property too small for you?


A: Whether it's a HDB flat unit, condominium unit or landed property on any size, we, Davoe Creative are more than happy to design for you to satisfy your requirements and budget. No job is too small for us.


Q: Is Davoe Creative a BCA License Builder?


A: Yes, not only we are BCA license builder, we are also HDB license renovator.


Q: I just bought a new property and it happens to have an illegal extension/structure. Can Davoe Creative legalize it?


A: In order for an extension to be legalized, first, it needs to comply with the regulation of relevant authorities. If the illegal extension or structure did not comply, Davoe Creative can help you legalized it by remodeling the house and comply with the regulation of the relevant authorities.


Q: I have a public sewer line crossing my land. Can I build my house over it?


A: Yes, you can build your house over a public sewer line provided that you will build a Box trench to protect the pipe.


Q: Water leaking is a common problem to wet area, how does Davoe Creative assures waterproofing works are properly done?


A: Conducting pond test is our standard procedure for all water proofing works. This assures that the waterproofing membrane is pre-tested with hydrostatic pressure so that if there is any leak during the test, we can immediately redo the waterproofing and conduct another ponding test. This will assure that water tightness in wet areas.


Davoe Creative is also specialized in P.U. (polyurethane) injection to repair an old leak. A method to repair leaking concrete floors without hacking the tiles. As a specialist, we ensure that waterproofing is done to standard.


Q: Is remodeling a house called A&A works?


A: Not necessary call A&A (addition & alteration) works, it may be called reconstruction or new erection, depends on the extends on the remodeling subject to the GFA increment, percentage of the building facade change or structure change.



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