Building Maintenance & Retrofitting Works 


We build houses, we maintain the houses we build.

We have a team of building professionals and workers that are trained to upkeep houses in optimum condition, not only we maintain our projects, we service any clients that come to us in regards to any problems of their house, even up to the extent of just adding a light point. Our In-House team responds quickly to get the problems solve, with a reasonable price.

We are also specialized in P.U. (polyurethane) injection for treatment of water leaking in toilets, concrete roof leaks and any leaking walls, floors. This method is very cost effective in the sense that we don't need to hack toilets tiles or remove any finishes that are costly, what need to be done is to drill a hole where the water leaks out, using a high pressure pump to inject in the PU materials, once the chemical set, it’s done.

Our specialty works include:

·          Rectify Roof Leaks

·          P.U. injection works to water leakage

·          Roof tiles, metal roof

·          Façade wall treatment with waterproofing paint

·          Painting works

·          Electrical works

·          Plumbing works

·          Tiling works

·          Walls and plastering

·          Doors and windows

·          Addition and alteration works

·          Any upgrading works




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